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by A Robert Neurath

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Protected by Muslims During World War II

The book describes the employment of German, Austrian and Czech professionals by the Republic of Turkey after the rise of Hitler in Germany; the protection of Jews by Turkish diplomats in France; and the island of Rhodes; the safekeeping of Jews by Albanian and Bosnian Muslims; and the rescue of a Jewish family by an Egyptian physician in Germany. These facts are contrasted with Islamophobia in the United States propagated since 2016, and the admiration of Russian Bolsheviks and former communists by some individuals in Washington, DC. while endorsing the worldwide rise of far-right political parties.

Newcomers’ Accomplishments II: Hidden Children and Holocaust Survivors

Testimonies provided by Holocaust survivors usually emphasize the terrible experiences endured during World War II in Nazi-occupied European countries. This might have been encouraged by interviewers. There has been little, if any, positive repercussion from surviving and starting a “new life”, mostly in another country. Accordingly, a tendency to emphasize negativity has mostly prevailed. Favorable attributes, including determination, aspirations, ability to prioritize, willingness for change, self-reliance, readiness to collaborate with and trust others, appreciating new opportunities – all prerequisites for success in a new environment – have received much less attention. Instead, traumatization for “never forgetting” has dominated. Attending to the terrible ramifications of the Holocaust does not require that it be treated forever as a current fact of life. To honor professional success, we selected achievers in sciences, visual and performing arts, literature, business, sports and foreign affairs from lists of survivors’ names (relevant to Slovakia; accessible at Yad Vashem [Israel] and the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation) by looking for additional information linked to each name. Results of this comprehensive research are described herein.

About the Author

A. Robert Neurath, PhD was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. He graduated from the Technical University (Bratislava) in 1957. He immigrated to the United States in 1964, and was awarded a doctorate in microbiology at the Technical University, Vienna, Austria, in 1968. For over 45 years he was involved in research on viruses: influenza, rabies, hepatitis B, the human immunodeficiency virus I, and on vaccines against these viruses. His studies resulted in about 250 scientific papers, including monographs and book chapters, and 23 patents. After the demise of communism, he visited Bratislava and read new books dealing with the city’s and Slovakia’s Jewish community. These publications, as judged by the author, have given insufficient credit to the endeavors and accomplishments of local Jewish professionals and businessmen, and of those who emigrated. The author has taken upon himself to amend this apparent inattention. The present book is the result of these efforts.

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